It was getting harder to focus as she felt herself change, her facial muscles pulling into a silly smile and her neck straightening to make her look attentive and blank.

“Uhm,” she blurted, nervously, and giggled at the noise. Her voice was getting high pitched, and it sounded cute, in a way she liked.

In the back of her mind, she felt nervous and concerned, knowing something was happening to herself, but she didn’t really understand why. It was like her ability to pay attention and focus was leaking out of her head, and her mind sputtered and choked like a car as she struggled to wrap her mind around the events as they happened, but more and more of her changes were slipping by.

Her eyes slid down, at her chest, which was slowly inflating into better view. It was her boobs, getting huge and round and firm, and she broke into a wide grin.

“Heehee, my boobies are getting super duper big! Yay!”