“Oh! Hey! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there. I must have just…drifted off. You see, this light show is simply….just divine. Once you start watching, it’s really difficult to tear yourself away. I swear, if you hadn’t physically grabbed my shoulder, I would have just kept staring, kept sinking…kept…falling..

“Oh, listen to me…there I go again. It’s just, well, it feels…so good. I know I shouldn’t – I know we shouldn’t – but perhaps you’d do me one small favour? 

“Take my hand. Turn and face the spiral with me. Let it enthral you, bewitch you, consume you. Let it do to you, what it did to me. 

“I’m a good girl for Master Mid, now. I’m his pretty little fuckslut, and I’m pretty talented when it comes to recruiting more beautiful slaves for his harem, or so he tells me. <giggle!>

For @midorikonton, one of my favourite RP & caption partners in crime.

I love it! Thanks @deeperinmypower, and same to you!