“Aren’t you forgetting something, pretty girl?” Jo-Beth looked up at her Master with an expression of exaggerated, doe-eyed innocence. Her tongue worked furiously at the tip of his cock as she paused in apparent confusion, her wide stare working hard to convey without words that she hadn’t the foggiest idea of what might possibly be more important than giving Master a long, slow, sensuous blowjob. But Master wasn’t fooled.

Jo-Beth slowly pulled herself off of Master’s cock until it popped out of her mouth with a loud report. “Um…no?” she said, her voice every bit as comically naive as her face. “I made sure to do all my chores for you, Master, every single one! I made the bed and I swept the floors and I wiped down the counters and I, I did the dishes, and I… and I… mmmmm…” She could feel her pussy getting wet at the litany of household duties–every single one felt like a finger swirling on her clit, and just thinking about how good she’d been made her quiver with remembered bliss. Being Master’s maid was always better when every task she completed gave her an orgasm.

Master stroked her cheek, his expression loving but stern. “That’s not what I was talking about, pet,” he said, his voice reminding her that only her innate ability to be adorable when she was trying to get out of a punishment was preventing her from getting a good long spanking. (Not that she didn’t angle for a good long spanking sometimes. And not that Master didn’t love giving it to her when she did. Sometimes the key to a good D/s relationship wasn’t so much hypnosis as it was a good idea of how your partner wanted to be treated.)

Jo-Beth’s mouth curled in a little ‘o’ of dismay. “Is it the shirt?” she asked. “Only, I went ahead and took off my shorts and my panties and I put on my high heels and I made sure you could see my tits just like you commanded, Master! I’m all dressed up to be your obedient cocksucker, just like I’m supposed to be!” Not that it took a lot of work to associate Master’s cock in her mouth with pure, mindless sexual pleasure, but Jo-Beth definitely was willing to go the extra mile just to make sure the conditioning sank in. All the way in, in fact.

But Master was having none of it. “You know what you forgot, sweetling,” he said, his fingers tangling into her hair and slowly tugging her head back to meet his gaze. “And I know you know. You forgot to ask for permission, didn’t you? You just knelt down and unbuckled me and started sucking my cock like a greedy little girl instead of a good, obedient slave.”

Jo-Beth pouted. She was hoping that once she had her lips around him, he’d be too caught up in the pleasure to notice she hadn’t bothered with that bit. But Master was always so full of self-control, so much that he had plenty left over for controlling her. She should have known he would notice. “…I thought you might say no,” she said quietly, her eyes downcast.

Master chuckled. “Now, don’t be silly, pretty girl. You know you’ll always be allowed to suck my cock. I just need to hear you ask. Because you know that good girls always sound so much better when they beg, don’t you?”

Jo-Beth sighed happily. “Oh, yes Master,” she purred, her eyes once again sparkling with excitement. “May I…?” She didn’t even have a chance to finish the sentence before her mouth was deliciously full of Master’s shaft. With a sigh of pure delight, she began to suck.

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