Katya’s best friend walked up behind her and pulled her top down, scooping her breasts into her hands. She watched them fall as she breathed in deeply, savouring it.

“You smell amazing.” said Eve with a sigh as she tweaked Katya’s nipples. “I’ll bet your pussy is divine!”

Katya didn’t react. She simply stared ahead, mumbling incoherently as the screen took away her thoughts.

“It was an easy choice,” she said, releasing her breasts and standing at the side of the room, “who would be the first to go under. Master said I could choose anyone I wanted from my old life, and I knew who my first pick was before He finished.”

“Before Master took me, I had so many kinky fantasies of you. And now I have the power to play them out!

You’ll love and adore Him as I do, but you’ll also be deeply in love with me as well. It’s going to be so much fun, sitting on your face as I suck Master’s big cock, or eating His cum out of each other’s holes. I can’t wait until you’re finished.”