“Hello Cassandra.”

“Shi…How…Right… the program.”

“So you found it?”

“Duh, I have a masters degree in engineering. Finding it was the easy part. I did notice quite quickly that trying to change myself back was impossible.”

“So you do remember. Interesting.”

“Interesting? Everyone I know thinks this hair, this sexy body is my normal one. This isn’t what I used to be. So I tried to turn myself back.”

“And what did you learn?”

*sigh* “I can remember the command you know. My fingers typing it in against my will. Nothing after that though. Obviously.”

“Lets go for a stroll in the SUN shall we?”

“What? My… My hand.. My body… This… This power.”

“I like to have multiple pets inside each of my possessions.”

“Possessions? Pets? But I…I’m….You are my M….Master?”


“But… But you weren’t. I remember still. With this power I could…I could…”

“You could but you won’t. Those programming skills of yours coming into fruition.”

“My… Oh you sneaky bastard. Did I use all of my skills to make this happen?”

“Obviously, how else could I have gained such complete control over you? The only person that knows how to get complete control over someone…”

“Is yourself, I said that to you Master months ago. But this. this is…”

“Let us get more comfortable BLUE SLUT”

“MMmmmmmmmm. This… This feels perfect Master. This suit. This body. This mmmmmmmmmind.”

“I figured someone like you would enjoy it. Now, remember what you programmed into the suit.”

“MMmmmoooooooohhhhhh. This will… enslave me?”

“With your memories intact. Wouldn’t want to let all those years of expertise go to waste now, would we?”

“Will…. Will you let me change more?”

“Who? Yourself of others?”


“Do not worry pet, I have big plans for you.”

“…. then I am yours Master.”

I don’t completely follow what’s going on here, but it’s hot.