“My lord. I was not expecting a visit from yourself today. How may I assist you?”

“My dear Allynna, it is always a pleasure to see you. Today, I can mix both pleasure and work.”

“Have you been mixing potions again my Lord? I have told you numerous times, those can be dangerous, they might explode or something worse.”

“I have already done the mixing, and this one should prove very useful. Here.”

“It is a new type of mana potion. It not only gives you your magical abilities back, it empowers them even further.”

“How thoughtful of you to bring it to me. Is it ok for me to test it out?”

“But of course my dear, have as much as you wish.”

*Glug Glug Glug*

“I feel… Strange. Dizzy. Like my mind was……….”


“Where? What? What happened?”

“Shhhhh. Everything is fine my dear slave.”

“Slave? My name is…My name… Why can I not remember my name Master.”

“Because the potion that altered your physical form is already having its effect on your mind.”

“Potion? Oh. It…. It enslaved me?”

“Very acute slave. Now, pop over so that I may admire your eyes as the last of your former self dwindles.”

“Yes Master. Of course Master.”

“Oh. Master, this slave thinks her former self is gone now. She stopped thinking.”

“I could see her vanish in your eyes slave. Very good. You will stay here and masturbate until I return. I have a new batch of potions ready and a few more maidens to help.”

“Yes Master. Your slave will obey.”