She had to stop. She knew she had to stop; the pleasure was making her brain malleable and compliant, softening her will until the mantras she chanted through gritted teeth felt like inescapable truths. If she didn’t stop, she knew she would wind up just like all the rest of them, another brainwashed obedient slave. She had to stop playing with her cunt. She forced herself to make her hand move, sliding it up to the very tip of her clit.

But the pleasure wouldn’t let it move any further. No matter how much she struggled and strained, she couldn’t make her fingers move even the tiniest fraction of an inch away from her pussy. Desperately, she slid them back down, hoping to trick her brain into freedom with a change of direction. But even though her hand gleefully stroked down her labia, greedily drinking in the sensation as it skated over her slippery flesh, it wouldn’t pull free.

She tried going back up, faster this time, like she was rocking a car out of a deep rut. But her hand knew exactly when to stop, exactly where to rub. It dragged through the channel of her pussy lips, flicking her clit with each upstroke, dipping deeper inside of her with each downstroke. Trying to go from side to side just turned into a sensual swirl right on her clit. She never knew she was so good at masturbating until it was the only thing she could do.

She increased her pace, irrationally hoping that if she could just get wet and aroused enough, her skin would get so slick that the part of her that was already hypnotized would have a harder time staying on target. But all it did was intensify the pleasure. She heard herself moaning, and knew that she was losing the struggle against her own body. She needed to stop. She just needed to stop for a few minutes, a few seconds, just long enough to recover her thoughts…she fingered herself faster, desperate to be free.

She could do it, she told herself. She had the strength. She had the will. She just needed to find something to cling to, an inspiration to carry her fingers away from her sopping pussy. “You…you can do it,” she said out loud. “You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.” She repeated the words until they started to lose meaning, her hand furiously pumping her cunt over and over as every escape attempt failed quicker than the last.

“You can…can…” It was no good, she needed a specific goal, something to focus on, something tangible that she could do. She couldn’t just mindlessly repeat ‘You can do it’ and hope to get out of this. It would only make her more…more docile. More tractable. More drugged and dreamy and…and then she knew what she could say. She knew exactly what she had to say.

“You can stop thinking,” she whispered, her mind straining to comply. “You can stop thinking. You can stop thinking. You can stop thinking…” Her hand kept circling her clit as she repeated the words, helping her now in her endeavors. She needed all the assistance she could get. It was so important to give in, to be a brainwashed obedient slave just like the rest of them. She knew it, deep down…she had to stop.

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