some hypno-enhanced power struggle roleplay



F sits on the couch, going over everything they’ve negotiated. “So the safewords are Pause Game and Game Over. And the magic word is Submit.”

S shivers a little when he says the magic word. She’s pacing the room, already excited that they’re really going to do this, and more than a little nervous.

F “I think you should have a cool superhero name, and I should have a villain name.”
S “Now you’re just making fun of it.”
F “I’m dead serious. Do you want a goddess name? Diana or Gaia?”
S “Ok, then it’s Sulis.”
F “Then I will be Finagle.”
S “That’s… actually not a bad supervillain name… Like Larceny.”
F “Ooh, like Larceny too. But not for this scenario. Focus now.”
S “This is the hard part, the beginning… How do you transition from the negotiation and prep to the actual scene?”

F “I think I know.” He gets up and moves in for a big hug. When S relaxes in his arms, he guides her towards the swing chair hanging from the hard point in the ceiling. S sits down and F immediately strokes the instant induction button at the base of her neck. S slumps in the chair and swings there for a moment in silence.

F “I’m going to let you wake up by yourself. When you wake, you will be Sulis, and you realise that you have been kidnapped by me, Finagle, and taken to his secret hideout. You remember the safewords and the magic word, and you know deep inside that it’s just me, and we’re just playing a game, and we’ll stop when it’s no fun anymore. But for now, you will take on the role of Sulis, a superhero more badass than Jessica Jones.”

F turns around and walks away from the swing chair, and fiddles with a book on the dining table, mentally preparing himself. His posture changes as he imagines himself as a villain.

S stirs in the chair. She takes a deep breath and opens her eyes. For a moment, everything is quiet. S recognises F and tries to silently sneak out of the chair and towards the door, but fails miserably. The chair squeaks and jangles on its chain.

F “Ah, you’re awake. How wonderful.” Still fiddling with the book, his back turned to S.

S seems to think for a moment, and then continues towards the door. It’s the most logical thing to do when you’ve been kidnapped and you don’t seem to be restrained. When the doorknob is in her reach, F still doesn’t turn around. He just commands: “Submit!”

S staggers as her eyes roll up. Her mind goes blank and her knees go weak for a moment.

F “You must stay in this room with me, my dear Sulis. Otherwise it’s no fun.”

The magic of the word passes and S comes to her senses. She turns around to face F, her face an angry grimace, but his back is still turned. It’s a display of his dominance, and it pisses her off. She storms towards him and grabs him by the throat. “You are going to release me! Or I will rip out your…”

F “Submit!” The word comes out a little more panicked than before, he hadn’t expected her to get violent so quickly. Maybe it was the Jessica Jones reference? But the effect of the magic word is the same. Her eyes roll up and she freezes for a moment, blank and open.

F “You are very attracted to me, like a teenage girl to her celebrity crush. And these feelings are very embarrassing, aren’t they?” He takes her hand off his throat and guides it down until it rests on his breast pocket. 

S blinks and composes herself. Her hand recoils and her cheeks flush red. F can’t help but smile when he sees her blushing so quickly.

F “You see, I’ve always found you very sexy, Sulis. I thought you should know what that feels like. That’s why I brought you here.” He reaches out to stroke her cheek and she bows her head, avoiding his eyes. After a few seconds, she slaps his hand away.

F moves in and starts to kiss her, first on the cheek and slowly going down into her neck. S melts in his arms, struggling too much with her own feelings to struggle with F. The kisses move up to her ear, and F whispers: “I didn’t realise it would be this easy to make you love me back.”

S suddenly opens her eyes and grabs F’s crotch. “You want me?” She groans. With her hand gripping his erection through his pants, she starts to push him backwards towards the couch. There’s nothing teenaged or embarrassed about her now, she’s intense and forceful. When F stumbles onto the couch, and S starts to tear open his belt and his pants, F’s mind races, trying to tell whether she plans to fuck him, or whether this is another power play.

S has her fist around the base of his penis now. “Your crimes and displays of power are all just a way to get my attention? Because you’re in love with me?” Maybe the Jessica Jones reference was a little too much… F squirms helplessly as S leans on his lap and starts to stroke him.

S “Your obsession with me is pathetic! We’ll see how much power you still hold over me when I hold your manhood in my teeth.” She closes her mouth around his penis and F whimpers.

F reaches out grab S’s shoulders, but he can’t decide whether he wants to stop her or fuck her mouth. Both ideas seem dangerous, and the delicious slippery suction around his glans is making it hard to think. Finally, with baited breath, he manages to say “Submit”.

S freezes, her eyes closed, her lips still warm and wet against his shaft, her elbows leaning on his thighs.

F quickly drops into his hypnotist voice. “Have you noticed how every time I’ve used the magic word, it drains a little of your willpower away? The word was carefully chosen. Every time I say it, you become more submissive towards me. At first it angered you, how dare I chisel away at your mental defenses? But now, as you really start to feel its effects, now it turns you on, doesn’t it? Isn’t that why you’re sucking on my cock? Because my power over you turns you on? And you want to submit to me?”

S withdraws and as she shudders, she reaches up to rub her own forehead, as if it might help her make sense of all the things she’s feeling right now.

F takes her chin into his hand and forces her to look at him. “Say it. You want to submit to me.”
S “I want to submit to you.” Her eyes grow wide at what her mouth just said.
F immediately takes advantage of that moment of shock. “Submit.”
S’s eyes roll up and she sways, her mouth hanging open.
F “I wonder how good it feels to instantly surrender like that. Every time becoming more submissive to me. Revel in that feeling for a little while.”

F sits up and deftly removed his clothes and throws them in pile on the floor as S sits there, trancing by herself. He then starts to undo S’s clothes.

S groggily looks at him. She closes her mouth and wipes away the drip of drool, but doesn’t stop him from undressing her. She swallows and breathes, and then manages to weakly ask: “What are you doing to me?”

F “I’m helping you surrender yourself to me. You’ll feel so much more submissive when all your clothes are off. See?” When all her clothes are on the floor, he takes her by the hand and guides her to the couch to lie down. 

S “No… Stop… I can’t…” Every word is a whimper.
F “Are you in love with me?”
S “It feels like that…”
F “Are you aroused?”
S “I’m dripping…”
F “Do you want me to fuck you until you’re my submissive slave?”
S “Now wait a second…”
F “Submit”

As her body falls limp on the couch, her eyes close and her mouth sags open again. F shifts her legs until he can sit between them and starts to grind on her.

F “I want you to be awake while we make love.“S opens her eyes and stares at him, but otherwise doesn’t move.F “I want you to look deep into my eyes as I take away the last of your resistance.”

Her eyes are wide but unfocused as he enters her and starts to fuck. Her mouth is open and her curves jiggle with the rhythm. Her cunt is hot and slick around him and a grunt escapes his throat as he thrusts. This is not going to take long, but in their minds, this moment is the longest, most intense moment of the entire scene.

One more time. Loved this on Fetlife, love it here. Yay for realistic, hot hypno resistance scenes!!