The text came when Anne was in the subway, three stops from her destination. ‘Dream a little dream of me,’ it said, and of course as soon as she saw it, she did. She dreamed about the way she felt when her eyes locked onto Master’s crystal, the way her pussy slowly melted into helpless desire as her mind swiftly melted into hypnotic bliss…oh shit. She remembered now what that text did to her. Oh FUCK.

She looked up at the digital display. Two more stops after this one. Two more stops, with Master’s compulsion to masturbate growing with every passing second. She…she could resist it, of course she could resist it. Master wanted her to resist it. Because resistance only wore out her mind, and struggling against Master’s power only made her more helplessly aroused. So the more she fought Master’s commands, the stronger they…they became. And the better it felt to give in to them.

The train pulled into the station, and Anne momentarily considered slipping off the train to find somewhere secluded to release her tension. But she didn’t know where to go, and the thought of stumbling through a strange place, desperate to fuck herself senseless…it was really fucking hot, actually. Anne found herself picturing it over and over and ohhh FUCK all over again. The train pulled out while she was fantasizing.

She had to distract herself, she realized. She had to stop thinking about squirming out of her jeans, playing with her…her slick, wet pussy…in front of everyone…shamelessly displaying herself as Master’s obedient plaything…oh, oh fucking God…she decided to check her phone. There was probably something distracting there. Oh good, she had a text–

‘Dream a little dream of me.’ Oh right. Her subconscious was helping Master fuck her mind again. God dammit.

By the next stop, she was gently rocking back and forth on the seat in an erotic rhythm. Anyone watching her probably thought she needed to find a restroom, and they were both right and very fucking wrong…her eyes glazed over as she pictured Master cupping her vulva with his hand, murmuring hypnotic nothings in her ear and programming her with this very trigger…memory and fantasy melded together until she wasn’t sure what was her recollections of the session where he taught her to become this aroused or just desperately aroused by the idea of doing it again.

She spent the final leg of the trip standing next to the doors, waiting for them to open with the intense impatience that only a deeply obedient slave could understand. When they opened, she practically sprinted to the elevator and out onto the street. She’d never been so grateful to live a few blocks away from the subway station in her life.

Once she was in her apartment building, the wait for the elevator was excruciating. Every second of watching the floor numbers tick down…and down…deeper and deeper and OH SWEET MERCIFUL FUCK! Not that she was genuinely upset, of course. If anything, she knew that even more of this was self-hypnosis than usual. She loved being teased, and she knew Master was going to love hearing about it all later. But right now all she wanted to do…all she really, profoundly wanted to do…was jill her fucking brains out. The elevator bell sounded, and it felt like someone slapped her right on the clit.

Her fingers were trembling with lust by the time she finally inserted the key in the lock. She was too horny to make it to the bedroom; it was all she could do to get to the couch before she pulled down her pants and began to frantically play with her soaked pussy. And the whole time, all she heard was the voice of her Master in her head, whispering, “Good girl,” over and over until she came.

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Oh fuck…the exhibitionism, the struggle, the slow descent…..@tohypnofu please?