“ ‘Tsoo pink… an’ fluffy…”

“What is, sugar?”

“The waterr…”

“That’s right. The magic bimbo water. It smells sweet, like spun sugar, and you can feel it sinking into your skin, can’t you, sugar? Coating you… Running down your body… It’s changing you, isn’t it?”

“Uhhh huhnhh…”

“Pink and fluffy clouds and sweet magic water… It feels so good, and smells so good… Doesn’t it sugar…”


And it tastes like yummy yummy cotton candy when you open your mouth… You want to open your mouth, don’t you? To drink down the sweet magic bimbo juice?“

“Ohhhh yesss…”

“And what else is turning pink and fluffy now?”

“My – mmy brane??”

“That’s right. Drink it down, and rub it into your skin, and feel it changing you. Melting your mind, and making your thoughts pink and fluffy… And sweet, and slow… And docile…”








“Now you have cotton candy brains. Nothing but pink fluff stuffing your empty head. How does it feel?”

“Ummm… Good??”

“That’s right. It feels very good. And anytime I say pink and fluffy, you’ll feel the magic water raining down on you, washing away your brains, and making you feel so happy. So obedient. Knowing that obedience makes you happy, and that there’s no reason to think to be obedient.”


“Good girl. Good sugar girl. Now open your mouth again. Just let go of your thoughts, and giggle in the pink. I’m going to stuff your fluffy head, and it’s going to feel sooooo gooood…..”