Just one more

“Just one more.” I said to myself. Just one more cock and then I would use the ring to change myself back into a man. I had found the ring in an antique shop, buried under a bunch of Ouija boards and spell books written in some language and looked to be straight out of a fantasy movie. I don’t know what caused me to look at this stuff, but for some reason I had felt a compulsion to dig through this stuff, and then I found it, a bright silver ring that seemed to enthrall me the second I uncovered it.

I didn’t know what compelled me to buy it, even without trying it on. I immediately went to the front counter though and paid. I was so enthralled by it’s beautiful look and glimmer, I didn’t even flinch as I handed the old lady my credit card for a thousand dollars. I was too caught up in the beauty to care. Racing home to my apartment I shut the door and pulled the ring out of the bag she had put it in. Again I was captured by the glimmer of the ring and now that I was alone I put it on. Instantly I felt like electricity was flowing through me, and I could feel my body instantly shift.

Suddenly I was aware that I was closer to the ground, and I felt much smaller. I had previously been about 5’11" but I could tell I was about 5 inches shorter. That wasn’t the only thing that was different, and I could feel a large weight on my chest and long blonde hair running down my back. Running to my bathroom a perfect blonde goddess confronted me. Starting back at me was an absolutely exquisite specimen of female perfection, with perfect complexion, a killer body, and electric blue eyes that could seduce anyone she wanted.

Now a part of me knew that I should be freaked out that I had just transformed into a woman, but any thoughts of that were submerged in a tidal wave of lust and desire. All I could think about was how perfect of a body I had  and how much I wanted to get fucked. Luckily for me that was easily accomplished, as I lived in a large apartment complex that largely housed college aged residents. Fortunately my clothes had also changed to, my baggy jeans transforming into a pair of low riding, hip hugging jeans that perfectly cupped my ass, and my shirt transforming into a frilly pink blouse that teased a good amount of my wonderful cleavage.

In my mind I only had one overriding goal, and that was to get fucked. As I mentioned, I lived in an apartment complex full of people in their 20’s, so it wasn’t too hard to find a good looking guy willing to fuck. Really all I had to do was walk down the hallway and wait for someone to check me out. Within a half an hour I was on my knees in some stranger’s apartment sucking my first cock. This body seemed to come with some moves already installed, as I seemed to know exactly what to do to get him off.

As soon as his cum hit the back of my throat I felt wonderful, like I had just had a very satisfying meal or a good buzz as if I was drinking. It wasn’t an orgasm, as I had been giving him a blowjob, it was just a very satisfying feeling. It was then I realized not only was my body made for sex, it craved it as you normally crave food or water. With that in mind I fucked the guy 3 times, with him bringing me to several orgasms and also filling me with that wonderful feeling of completeness.

This much fucking would normally exhaust most people, but I seemed to be even more energized afterward, and within minutes of leaving his apartment, I was in another, giving another guy the time of his life. I continued like this for a week, ultimately fucking about half the guys in the complex and several more when I went out to the store to get clothes or food, or just get out. 
Finally after a week I thought to myself “just one more. Just one more cock and then I’ll take the ring off and go back to my old self.” I ended up at the local college campus, sucking a hunky guy off, again feeling satiated as I swallowed his seed. I left him, licking up a trace of semen that I had missed, and began walking back to my apartment. I hadn’t made it more than a couple hundred yards though before I found myself drawn to another guy who was absolutely cut, and within 10 minutes he was fucking me in the library, spraying his cum deep inside my pussy.

Again I tried to make my way back to my apartment, but the situation repeated itself. I just couldn’t help myself. I was a cock addicted slut. As I let my tongue slide across my latest fuck buddy’s throbbing cock, I realized that I was never going to change myself back, getting fucked constantly was just too amazing to give up. As soon as I accepted that I felt a slight burning sensation on my finger and the ring disappeared.

I then realized I was stuck in this body forever, there was no going back, my old life was gone. After a moment of realizing this, I decided I didn’t care and took the guy’s shaft into my mouth, determined to give him my first blowjob in my permanent life as a beautiful cock sucking blonde.