The second part of a two part mother / daughter story requested so long ago. The first part was published yesterday.

Michelle Spurling was annoyed, visibly. Ever since the hiring of this new security firm Complete Control Security (motto: You’re Under Our Complete Control) her mother had been distant and Michelle herself had not been able to actually have a good conversation with her mother since her mom’s new Security Head Mark Lee had started.

The man was constantly at her mother’s side, and it seemed that there was no possibility for privacy. He was even talking about bringing in more people, including assigning someone to Michelle herself. 

“It’s for your own protection,” her mother said when Michelle managed to catch her alone while the security man when Mark Lee was in the toilet. Michelle had tried to argue about having her own mini-Mark Lee, her own security bro to stand around leering at her the way that Mister Lee did with her mother.

Michelle was about to argue when her mother added, “We need them to be in complete control to keep us safe. Mark needs to have complete control.”

It was an infuriating conversation, because before she could offer a rebuttal and point out that it was creepy just how much control this security firm seemed to require, Michelle heard the toilet flush and decided to drop the subject for now rather than let Mark Lee knew that she was getting annoyed with everything.

It was late at night when Michelle heard a knock on her bedroom door. She opened it and saw Mark Lee, her mother was nowhere in sight. Wearing a robe she’d slipped on over her bra and panties as she was getting ready for bed Michelle narrowed her eyes, “What do you want?”

“Only to protect you and your mother,” Mark Lee said, “and you’re making that hard. You’re safer when I have complete control.”

“Yeah, that’s not safer,” Michelle said, “that’s actually really creepy.”

The security man sighed and slid his hand into his pocket. Michelle tensed as she saw him remove a needle. He was quick and strong and he shoved her into her room, plunging the needle into her arm. The young girl yelled for help, but the house was empty save for her mother, and it began to dawn on her that her mother would not be any help.

A warm heaviness seemed to spread out from where the needle had entered her arm, relaxing her muscles as it spread down to her fingers and up to her shoulders. As Mark Lee held her in place she felt her body involuntarily relaxing against his body as the warm feeling moved up her neck and to her head. Michelle’s jaw hung loose, and her gaze went unfocused.

“Good, soon I’ll have complete control,” Mark said, grinning as he guided the young heiress to the home’s large theater room, complete with cinema style chairs. Already Rebecca Spurling was sitting in one of the chairs, staring glassy eyed at the screen where colors danced as music played.

Sitting Michelle next to her mother he grinned, “Now ladies, relax and let me show you just how easily you can give me complete control. How much safe you’ll feel under my complete control.”

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