Kaley cuoco sexy

“It’s too late. You can’t save me. I wouldn’t want to be saved, anyway. I belong to Master, now. I’m his slave, his slut, his puppet, his plaything, his whore, his toy. He got inside my head, twisted my mind until I couldn’t think straight any more. He taught me my proper place. My natural state. To be his brainwashed pet. 

“You’d like that, too, wouldn’t you? I know, it goes against all your beliefs, your moral code, and so on. And yet, you can’t deny it. Deep down, there’s a tiny little part of you that looks at me, and wants to be just like me. A helplessly brainwashed harem whore. That tiny little part of you, that would just love to give up control. Not have to think. Not have to worry. To spend your days in an endless cycle of pleasure and reward, in thrall to a powerful, commanding Master.

“You’re blushing! Aw, don’t worry, don’t be embarrassed. That part of you is growing, isn’t it? Becoming more and more appealing, more tempting with each passing second. You want this. You know you do. He’s inside your head, now. 

“It’s too late. I can’t save you. You don’t want me to save you, anyway. You belong to Master, now….”