Kate Beckinsale


That’s all he had to say. He didn’t even realise it was her trigger word. Didn’t realise that by speaking that one little word, in her presence, Kate would go from a mildly interested participant in the conversation, to a wanton slut, hanging on his every word, consumed with lust for him.

It was only once they were backstage that he discovered what had happened. Kate told him as much, spilling the secrets of her own hypnotic programming as she pinned him up against the wall and started humping his crotch. She’d not return to ‘normal’ until they’d fucked, and before she did, he’d be able to install a new trigger in her compliant mind – one that would return her to this state, lusting only for him. All he’d have to do, is say the word.

And this time, he’d know exactly what was going to happen..