A very serious issue




I think we, the whole of the hypnokink (and mind control more broadly) community, need to come to a consensus about a very important issue. It is this: 

What is the proper way to turn “bimbo” into a verb? 

I’ve heard “bimbofication” as the derived gerund, but I’ve also heard “bimbification” and “bimbotization” and a few others as well. While we’re all losing our minds* over how to pronounce GIF, this is sitting in our backyard and… well…:P 

* note: Heh heh heh heh… losing our minds… heh heh heh heh


Why is this list starting to sound like a drug commercial? 

“Have you had pesky thoughts in your head, getting in the way of your brainless slutty tendencies? Ask your doctor about Bimbodrine today, and how it might help you!”

Bimbodrine is the brand name for bimbinate hydride.

(Autocorrect changed that to “bimbo drone.” I like where you’re going with this, autocorrect.)