As angela finished dusting her old office, she heard footsteps behind her and turned on the spot.

“Like, hi, Master! i was just doing a spot of cleaning!” she said giggling.

“Hello slave. Are you sure you weren’t doing a bit of reading?” he asked, leaning up against the doorway.

“me, reading, Master?! Of course not! Why would i read boring stuff like,” she picked up a thick pad and looked at the title, “Neural Research Notes of Doctor Angela Beech. Huh, that person has the same name as me!”

she flicked through it curiously. It showed drawings of a machine similar to the one in Master’s basement. The same one she’s spent many days and nights wired up to.

“It’s nothing to concern yourself with.” He said with a smile that immediately set angela’s mind at ease, and her pussy drooling with anticipation.

Placing the book back down, she became acutely aware that Master was staring at her body, and that His cock was making a tentpole in His trousers. With trained ease, angela dropped down and crawled over to Him, stopping just below His crotch.

“Is there something i can help You with, Master?” she asked, stroking His erection through His trousers. “Something i can polish for You, perhaps?”

Licking her glossy lips, her Master grinned and unzipped His trousers. That was all the invitation angela needed, and she immediately went back to work.