Trapped in Place


Another m/f hypnosis caption, where the hypnotist tries out a trigger that will freeze his female subject in place, though he comes up with some interesting ways of using it on her.

~ ~ ~

“Freeze,” Walter commanded, and Caitlyn felt her body locking into place, caught with her hands still out in front of her. He was smiling smugly at her, but they both had no doubts that she’d obey the trigger easily. Walter had been hypnotizing and controlling her for about a month now, and Caitlyn had loved every devious idea and perverted fantasy he’d made her act out. So when he suggested a trigger to immobilize her Caitlyn knew it would be fun, but truthfully she was a little disappointed. Every hypnotist she’d played with had done the living statue thing at some point.

“And unfreeze.”

Caitlyn laughed politely as she dropped her hands, rolling her shoulders to loosen up. “Wow, that was great.”

She heard Walter chuckle, and he had that devious look on his face. The look she’d come to love.

“Oh please, that’s hardly impressive,” Walter admitted, shrugging. “But I’m only just getting started.” He noticed her reached up to brush a strand of red hair out of her eyes. “Freeze your right arm.”

And instantly her arm froze, fingers still brushing her forehead to push the stray lock of hair aside. Caitlyn turned to stare at her arm, but as she moved to the side her arm moved with her, stuck in the same pose.

“Okay, that’s pretty cool,” Caitlyn admitted, although when she moved her head the annoying strand of hair slipped out of her frozen fingers and back in front of her eyes. She almost reach for it with her other hand, but noticed Walter staring, grinning expectantly, and she kept her left hand to her side. “I’m not so easy to trick,” she teased.

“Freeze your left leg.”

Caitlyn felt a cool rushing sensation slide down her leg, and suddenly the limb felt light and solid at the same time. She lifted it up experimentally and discovered her leg was completely stiff. Balancing carefully she put her weight back on the other foot before she fell over with one arm and one leg stuck frozen around her. No doubt Walter would get a good laugh at her looking so sorry, and that made her cheeks burn up happily. Still, she didn’t want things to be so easy for him.

Then Walter chuckled and said, “Your left leg is frozen to the ground,” and suddenly she found herself planted to the floor, unable to move her leg from the spot. She lost her balance and started teetering, pivoting around on her left leg frantically, her other arm stuck to the side of her head, and the entire time Walter was laughing and Caitlyn felt humiliation burning at the back of her neck and heating up her body, getting more turned on every second. Why did she have to like being made helpless so much?

“Help me out here, I’m gonna fall!” she pleaded, still spinning around on her left leg in frantic circles.

“Freeze your tongue in your mouth.”

“Urrr ahhh afffhole.”

“Alright, alright, unfreeze everything.”

Caitlyn teetered backwards, cartwheeling her arms but managed to catch herself, shooting him a dirty look.

“Admit it,” Walter cut in before she could talk. “You loved feeling so helpless that you could barely stop yourself from falling.”

She looked away, cheeks burning bright red. Walter always had a nasty habit of knowing what she was thinking. “It wouldn’t have been fun if I actually fell, you know.”

“Then I’ll do something else with the trigger then.”

At that Caitlyn looked at him, confused. He’d already frozen her whole body, then specific parts. What else could you use the trigger for?

Walter walked over and smiled at her, cupping her chin in his hand. “Freeze your thoughts in place.”

Caitlyn managed to think the words ‘But I can’t-’ and then that’s all she was able to think. Everything stopped, falling into a strange, weird blur as she saw Walter moving and talking, felt herself being touched and positioned but it was somehow impossible to focus on any of it. Instead she simply had the words ‘But I can’t-’ playing on an endless loop in her head, like a record stuck in place. The world was still moving around her but all Caitlyn knew were the words, ‘But I can’t- But I can’t- But I can’t- But I-’

“Unfreeze your thoughts,” a voice said, interrupting her.

‘Can’t freeze my thoughts in place,’ Caitlyn thought to herself, then blinked in surprise. Walter was standing before her naked, his cock hard and standing out to greet her. Caitlyn glanced down and saw that she was naked too. When she looked up she gave Walter one of the most helpless looks she’d ever given.
“What… but, how?”

“If you can’t think, you can’t react,” Walter explained, chuckling. “You were basically just a mindless doll standing there for me to pose and play with this whole time. How did it feel? Different from a regular trance?”

“It wasn’t like trance at all,” she admitted. Caitlyn reached between her legs and rubbed a finger along her already soaking wet lips, trying to remember that weird and wonderful sensation. “It was like I was caught in a loop, too obsessed on one thought to pay attention to anything else.”

“Hmm, so if I made you have a fun thought like ‘I love being Walter’s fuckdoll,’ and froze you with that thought…”

Caitlyn gasped. “I’d be stuck thinking it over and over.” Her finger circled her clit now, imagining it. “You could leave me like that for hours.”

“Making you brainwash yourself,” Walter said in a low growl, wrapping his arms around her. “And by the time I finally wake you up, what’ll be left of your mind?”
“Only that I love being your fuckdoll,” Caitlyn admitted quietly, slipping two fingers into herself.

“And since it’s only your thoughts that are frozen, your body will keep moving on it’s own, doing whatever you were doing before.”

At that Caitlyn moaned, fucking herself faster now. Picturing herself standing in place and fingering herself, eyes empty and drooling and moaning with simple delight as she conditioned herself for him…

“Please,” she whined.

Walter smirked, kissing the back of her neck as he positioned himself behind her. “Tell me, what are you thinking right now?”

“I love being Walter’s fuckdoll.”

“A fan of that one already?”

“Yes,” she admitted, still letting the mantra play through her mind again and again. It felt so good to think those submissive words, but it was nothing like how it had been before. Back then she had been locked in place, trapped in her own mind and unable to escape without his permission. God, did she want to feel that again.

“Say it again for me, and think it with all your might, and as you do your mind will freeze in place, freezing on that very thought.”

Caitlyn shivered. “I love being Walter’s fuckdoll,” she announced, and then those words echoed through her as the sensation swept across her mind. Like she was becoming lighter, removed, drifting away from her body as she heard her voice saying the mantra over and over, washing over her in crashing waves. Each repetition piled onto the last and Caitlyn already felt herself sinking into the words, unable to think anything else.

Outside, Caitlyn gurgled happily as her fingers kept pumping in and out of her cunt while she stared ahead, devotion clear in her eyes. Walter gave her an affectionate pet on the head. “I think an hour should be good to start. What do you think, Caitlyn?”

He didn’t bother for her response though. Walter already knew exactly what she was thinking, after all.

~ ~ ~

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