Coming Out









For my entire life I believed I was a cishet dude.

When I was 11 and jealous of girls in my class growing hips, I believed I was a cishet dude.

Throughout my teens and ever since, as I hated my body and refused to take care of it because nothing I could do to it would make it stop being the body I hated, I believed I was a cishet dude.

When I started writing Lemma–porn from a first-person female perspective–I believed I was a cishet dude.

When I started a (since abandoned) bimboization blog where I pretended to be a young bisexual woman, I believed I was a cishet dude.

When I realized how fucked up that was, and create a more honest blog for RPing as a submissive bisexual woman, I believed I was a cishet dude.

I am not a cishet dude. I am a bisexual trans girl.

Pleased to meet you all.



Jenny, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you for accepting yourself. I know it was a hard journey, as it was for all of us, but you’ve done it. I’m so happy that you’ve reached this point where you feel you can be open about who you truly are. I know that can be scary, but again, you’ve done it. What you say about hating and not taking care of your body resonates very strongly with me, it’s so much better for me now that I’m out and I’ve started transitioning. I promise you it will get better for you too, if it hasn’t already. And if you ever want to talk, about this or anything else, please message me. It’s so nice to have another trans sister in the community

Hi Jenny. I’m Callie. It’s really nice to meet you ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you, Callie! <3<3<3

I fell like it’s gotten better already. I’m fantasizing about being seen–I want to be looked at, I want a body I want people to look at and there are things I can do to make that happen and I want to do them. (I saw a joke this morning about someone going up to a trans couple and asking “So, which of you is the programmer and which is the camgirl,” and I’m definitely not a programmer…)

I know exactly the kinds of feelings and fantasies you mean. And you can get the things you want! I believe in you <3

And as for that joke, well, I’m not a programmer either ;). Although my girlfriend is both a programmer and a fledgeling camgirl…


I just wish I realized this 10, 15 years ago. If I started transitioning TODAY I’d be 40 by the time I finished. I doubt anybody’s interested in a 40yo camgirl. 🙁

You’d be surprised! There are some pretty damn gorgeous older trans women out there. Check out this post for just a few examples:


Good to meet you, Jenny! This is a huge realization, and I’m happy for you.