She never knew before how sexy being sleepy could feel. But now she was watching the pendant, following it with her eyes back and forth as she tried so hard to keep the heavy feeling at bay, and it felt deliciously, sinfully good. It felt so good to struggle, and it felt even better knowing that she was going to fail. She loved becoming more and more drowsy with every pass of the crystal in front of her face. She loved becoming Master’s good girl.

Her fingers moved all on their own, hooking into the waistband of her panties and slowly pulling them down to join the rest of her clothing on the floor. She knew that they were moving all on their own; her body felt impossibly heavy now, the effort required simply to stand almost too much for her lazy mind. She could only stand and stare and sway in time with the swinging crystal; how could she possibly do anything herself? So when her hands moved, it wasn’t really her moving them. It was Master. She simply obeyed.

The faint breeze from the air conditioner made her aware of how wet she was getting. With every passing moment, her cunt betrayed her arousal more and more obviously as she continued to follow the dance of the crystal before her heavy eyes. She could smell her own sex with every breath, inhaling the scent of her desire slowly and evenly and letting it drug her deeper into obedience. She loved knowing how hot Master made her when he hypnotized her. She loved knowing that she was deeply hypnotized already and going deeper. She loved knowing that every session of hypnosis reinforced her programming to love these things.

Her hands hung loosely at her sides, her body immobile save for the tiny sway as she moved in time with the crystal’s passes. She couldn’t help following the crystal. Her glassy eyes followed its swing, her body followed its gentle motion, and her mind followed the man holding it deeper into mindless trance. She couldn’t remember a time when she wasn’t completely obedient to his will. Every time she tried, the thoughts disappeared into a thick white mist in the back of her mind, and it became so much harder to pull them back out again. That was why she tried, every time. She only struggled because failing felt so good.

The crystal moved closer, higher, and her eyelids fluttered with the strain of trying to follow it without lifting her heavy head. She knew Master was making it impossible for her to stay awake. She knew that when he lifted the crystal over her head, her eyes would roll up in their sockets trying to follow and she would feel an even stronger wave of exhaustion wash over her as she struggled to keep watching like a good girl. But she also knew that when her head sank down onto her chest, when her eyes slammed shut, when she sagged into blissful obedience and opened herself completely to Master’s control…that was being a good girl too. That was being the best girl she could possibly be.

Good girls obeyed. She was a good girl. With a sigh of pure bliss, she allowed herself to surrender to the crystal once more.

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