Wait, Master, Stop

“Before you pull out, can you trance me first?”

Without a beat, he put his hand on my eyes and dropped me hard into trance.

“You feel that, Slave?” He growled “ Feel me still inside you. Feel that twitch and the feeling of contentment knowing I’ve just used you. Just cum inside you. That you are mine.”

I moan in affirmation. I can feel his weight on me and his envelopment of my being. Nothing else exists but his words and his body.

“I want you to remember this feeling. Remember feeling satiated, this contentment, this calm. Remember how you were just cumming for me over and over again. Remember being wanted and loved and owned.”

Master has created a closet in my mind. I can store things there like safety or snuggles or whatever I might need. And he opened the door now.

“Little girl, put that memory in your closet. Make a container and fill it with this memory. Fill it with the feelings, the emotions, and the knowledge that you were a good little cocksleeve for me. You like that, don’t you?”

I’m moaning and nodding emphatically at this point, almost whimpering in joy.

“Whenever you like, you can take this memory out and feel it throughout you again. When you’re done, you can just put it away in the closet. It’s yours to keep.”

He kissed me on the cheek, pulling me up from my blissful trance.

“I love you too, Master.” And I kiss him back, snuggling him for a moment before he has to pull out and we have to move on with our day…

This is great!