Never forget this

I want to be this.

This is what i keep saying…you don’t need an intelligent woman to be an eternal bimbo…just when you’re told ;p

Contrast is delicious–intelligent women made into mindless dolls are the best.

My ideal isn’t vapid, necessarily. She’s intelligent, creative, articulate, but it’s all been twisted and channeled into thinking about how to be the best obedient fucktoy for me

My Master’s favourite thing is watching me be clever, knowing He’s can switch me off whenever He desires. I can challenge His intellect in discussion and moments later be on my knees at His feet in drooling, devoted service with no thought but His pleasure. My favourite thing is having him do it, knowing my Master values *all* of me.

100 tons of truth

Honestly this is the hottest…

Mmmmmm….Bimbos and intelligence play is the best!

The more intelligent your bimbo is, the more intelligence there is to engage in intelligence play with.

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This is a dream of mine. To come home from work being the intellectual influential person I am to come home to a master or mistress who takes that away from me with a snap of their fingers. To have all my stress and thoughts fade away, leaving me at the mercy of my lover.

Smart is sexy!!!!

I want this SO BAD