Jenny couldn’t wait to try out her Christmas present, she had wanted a VR set for some time now and her Twitch fans were quick to recommend games and apps for her to stream.

The next morning she found an email from an anonymous fan with a link to a custom game they’ve built and wanted her to try it out. She was hesitant at first, not wanting to install random stuff from an unknown person, but figured if she knew how to root her phone she should have no problems wiping any malware.

“Dinner’s ready!” Her mom’s shout jolted her awake… Had she been asleep? She blinked the dryness from her eyes. How was it dinner time already? She started playing just after lunch…

She was distracted by the growing heat in her loins throughout dinner, memories of an exhilarating game flashed in her mind. It was a great game, she should definitely review it when it’s ready for launch, she started thinking about all the girl friends she should recommend it to. She’ll most likely need to invite them over since none of them have VR sets themselves.

She couldn’t wait to resume her game, but there was something important she must do nagging the back of her mind.

Oh yes, she had to email her anonymous fan to thank them, give some feedback (all positive), and send them her address…

Two days later, a parcel arrived for her and she couldn’t contain her excitement. As promised, all the toys were there and she quickly put them on following the instructions.

She’d installed episode two of the game already but it wouldn’t run without pairing with the companion equipment. Once they paired up over Bluetooth everything came to live, whilst new landscape, images and messages burned into her mind.

She will soon be ready for her new private streaming to her secret benefactor. She had already arranged for Megan to try out her new toy this evening. All her friends needs to experience this new technology and the pleasure that it can bring.

oh god this is so hot, especially since Megan was the other name I considered before deciding on Jenny