I am a Jewish trans girl.

Nazis, by definition, want me dead.

If you defend them, you attack me. Some political differences allow for the possibility of a middle ground. Nazis do not; either you are okay with them advocating murdering me, or you’re not.

If you’re okay with it, fuck off.

No space for Nazis. No space for their sympathizers. No space for white supremacists. None.

They’ve proven what they can do when given breathing room and I mean it when I say never again.

Interesting how so many nazi apologists try to cloud this issue by accusing us of overusing the label of “nazi” on anyone we disagree with, when it’s clear that nazis have been increasingly active of late.

As I said elsewhere, I am very careful to restrict the term to Nazis and their ideological descendents–white supremacist fascists.

Who are people I disagree with, sure, but they’re not everyone I disagree with. Paul Ryan, for instance, I don’t call a Nazi. He’s gotten into bed with Nazis in an ill-advised effort to advance his own agenda and power, and I consider said agenda to be monstrous and evil, but I don’t think he’s actually a Nazi himself.

It’s especially “funny”, when those people have a habit of calling anyone who disagree with them nazis (conservatives coined the phrase feminazi, for instance). 

When people on the left call people nazis, its because they actually are nazis.

Nazis are not compatible with me. Not straight enough for them, not ‘genetically pure’ enough for them. I can only survive in a world with nazis in it if they are denied the power to act on their horseshit ideas.

That said, due to the fundamentally flawed nature of the very idea of racial purity, nazis aren’t compatible with themselves either.

All of this, yes. While superficially I am acceptable to Nazis – blond, blue eyed, heterosexual white cis-male – they are NOT acceptable to me. If you are or support that bigoted, fascist, hateful ideology, please find the door. I don’t want you here. I will not tolerate that.

Nazi punks (and nazi collaborator punks) fuck off.

Nazi punks, Nazi metal fans, Nazi hypnofetishists, Nazi everything.

Nazis fuck off.

No Nazi should ever feel safe or comfortable being a Nazi. No community should be accepting of Nazis. They should be unwelcome, unwanted, and unloved, everywhere. Period.

The rise of the hatred and fear from Nazis is truly astonishing.  I thought that it was declining but it has had a resurgence that is not welcomed.

If you believe in the Nazi stances for racial purity and anti-Semitism, please go find a rock to crawl under and hide yourself from humanity.  Please become a cloistered person and keep to yourself.  

The world needs to embrace the positive changes that have been made and reject the hatred that is on the rise.

There’s a thing in psychology called an extinction burst. It’s when you’re trying to quit a bad habit, and just before it disappears completely, there’s a sudden massive resurgence of it. It shows up in dealing with addictions, for example. It’s the most dangerous moment, where the risk of sliding back into the habit is highest–but if you can get through it, you’re done, habit broken.

My hope is that what we’re seeing now is the extinction burst of fascism.