So… when I came out a few days ago, I said I was bi.

But I’m not actually sure about that?

I’m attracted to women. Always have been, always will be. But… I’ve also always fantasized about men dominating women, and I now realize it’s because I want to be the woman in that fantasy.

Last night, I masturbated while imagining I had a vagina and tits and I was thin and yougn and pretty and getting fucked by one guy while I blew another, and it was the best time ever.

But I’m not attracted to men. I just wanna be fucked by ‘em.

So am I bi? Or a very confused lesbian with a weird fetish?

I don’t know.

You can be your own flavor of bi.  There is no one definition.  There’s not someone going around checking your bi credentials and making sure you’re up to code.  You’re who you are. 🙂

It took me a long time to make peace with identifying as bi, and I’m in a very similar situation where I’m more attracted to penises and more effeminate boys rather than macho or “masculine” men. I find myself attracted to a very specific kind of male as opposed to a more general attraction to women. And that’s okay.

Part of this tumblr is me being able to express that (along with getting some really really dirty porn straight from the creators). 

So kudos to you @midorikonton: there’s nothing wrong with you, especially for your fetish. You’re just your own version of bi. 

There are as many expressions of human sexuality as there are humans. Labels are just that, labels, and all they can do is approximate broad areas of the spectrum of sexuality. 

So can you fantasize about getting fucked by men without actually being attracted to men?


Bi? Lesbian? Who you are, Jenny, is you.


Labels are nice to have when you’re trying to sort things out, though. I’m Jenny, but now I have to figure out who Jenny is and what she wants.

Still, thank you–it’s really sweet of everyone to be so accepting and kind while I muddle through all this.