Why are there cyberpunk people that aren’t anti-capitalism? Did y’all like space on the whole underlying theme of cyberpunk?

I think most modern cyberpunk people like it *because* of the rampant industrialization and limitations of personal freedoms that lead to neat shiny technology and don’t focus on the actual implications anymore

it’s the same kind of material fetishism you see from nerds who like gundam and warhammer 40k and shit. they just miss the point completely being made because the technology looks cool/blows shit up.

Where’s that comic?

Maybe people can like a certain aesthetic independent of any sort of these social structures. Cyberpunk can exist capitalistically, communistically, or within whatever sort of economic system you can come up with. It is literally all made up. Distopian and Utopian settings can absolutely be orthogonal to the cyberpunk aesthetic; it would be a fallacy to bind the cyberpunk aesthetic to a particular economic or social structure. Of course there are correlations, but that doesn’t mean that there are really any deep causal relationships here. The same goes with other literary genres. Sometimes things don’t have to exist holistically.