And after this she’ll be bound to your Zendolfarian totem of domination, Master?

“Uh… yeah. She will be. You, um, made sure you spiked her drink with that.. shit, where did I leave those notes… the ‘Hibradeli’s Essence of Acquiescence Powder’ that I gave you, right?”

Of course, Master! Just as you’ve instructed. I made sure to give her double the dose that I take daily now. That’s the amount you gave me the first time, if I recall.

“Yep, double. Just like those nerds… err… wizards… said I should give you.”

Oh, wizards! Really, Master? How can they practice the arcane arts in this plane when you said that the dimensional leylines are interfering with your own spellcasting?

“Did I say wizards? I meant, damn, wizards… wizards but they can’t…. fuck this tiny print… oh, they were alchemists. Alchemists, yeah.”

Ah! How clever. Of course there would still be some sort of magic no matter which realm we’re trapped in. I was finding it absolutely absurd that there wasn’t a trace of mystical energies anywhere on here. I slipped up and mentioned how different the fruits here were from our own in the Flying Isles of Carania and the shopkeep woman mentioned that I was crazy!

“Right. Remember, we have to keep the Flying Isles of Car… Car… that place that we can’t say out loud a secret or else all these people might want to invade or something, honey. Remember, you’re Janice, a simple… ‘waitresses are barwenches’ like the notes say… a simple barwench and you can’t mention that you’re Janizsandra, Handmaiden and Altar Keeper of Zen… Zen… Zenny…”

Zendolfar, the God of Subjugation and Obedience?

“Yeah, him. I was about to say him.”

Oh, I am presumptuous, Master. To think that I would dare cut words with a Grand Archcleric of our Deity as if I were some sort of equal! Please, when we finish restoring my sister Handmaiden’s memory, allow her to inflict the oral lash punishment against my rebellious cunt!

“Fuck yeah, that sounds so hot…. hot… hot because you should be, uh, purified by the holy flame of Zendolfar’s fire of submission. Hah, finally remembered one.”

Thank you for considering me worthy of such a blessed punishment, Master. It is truly an honor serving you in this heathen plane. I still find it so unbelievable that the Dark Demons would create such a trap, an entire demesne and filling it with obliviated mortals to toil away forever in ignorance of the truth! And such a cruel trick, hiding the real nature of our existence in a game of pretend!

“Yup, just like the wizards, shit, the alchemists and I told you. Demons and junk.”

Yes! To think that I found myself so caught in the illusion! That I would truly believe that I was this Janice person, that I thought it was all just a simple obsession of rule books and cast die. I am so fortunate that you have pierced through the facade, Master, and rescued me with your potions and powders and your Magic Mirror of Scintillating Messages! How clever of you to disguise it as just a ‘computer’ and take our enemy’s own lies to hide our greatest weapon in plain sight.

“You got it. The computer’s the Mirror. Yes. That’s what it is.”

I am so glad that some part of me recognized other priestesses of our order even in our hidden forms. The absurdity that Mondistella the Mercurial is just a secretary named Mona is beyond belief. She will be so happy when she remembers who she is and that she actually is the character she plays in that insipid roleplaying sheet.”

“M… me… ungggh… phew… ah, me too.”

Ah! Your totem of domination has activated, Master. With your seed and the Essence of Acquiescence within her, Mondistella will soon truly awaken and return to her rightful place on her knees worshiping Zendolfar through your sacred member.

“Haha, exactly… uh, quick though. Put her in front of the comp… Mirror. We need to make sure she sees the… damn notes… Scintillating Messages clearly or else she might still think she’s this Mona chick.”

Your will shall be obeyed by this Handmaiden. Shall I imbibe my own dose Essence and join her in the ritual of Memory Meiosis? It is about time for my own renewal, Master.

”Fuck, right. You need your dose too, huh… Okay, sure. Gimme five… no, ten minutes. And a Red Bull.”

At once, Master! I submit and obey with haste!

“You better. We have to put Mon… distella under before the drugs… err… Essence wears off…”

Then not a second to waste. I shall return at once with your scarlet elixir!

Sure… sure… damn, this is a lot of work to convince two hot nerd chicks… good thing there are four of them in their little roleplay party…


(I’m actually a digital artist that specializes in erotic hypnosis
pieces and these little vignettes are just something that I can do
quickly on the side in between bouts of art sessions. Visit or for my fan art and original pieces!)