Master had put the spiral into her fingers. Every time she touched herself, she knew that inevitably, her fingers would trace the same pattern onto her clit. She could slow it down into an agonizing tease, she could speed it up into a mindless frenzy of pleasure, but she was always inscribing Master’s will onto her body. Starting at the outside and swirling her index finger around and around until it invariably arrived at the same place. Every single time. Just like her obedience to Master. No matter where she started–begging to be hypnotized or bratting that maybe this time, she wasn’t interested–once she started down the spiral path there was only one destination. Obedience.

Master had put the spiral into her cunt. Her fingers traced the path, the swirling, twisting, turning pattern she knew so well, but every time she masturbated she reminded herself all over again that it was pleasure that drew her along. It always felt so good to sink into Master’s spiral. It always felt better and better the deeper she went. When she reached the center, there was always another spiral within that one, giving her the chance to sink deeper and feel better all over again. It was no wonder Master’s spiral made her want to play with herself. It was endless, fathomless bliss, right there under her fingertips. Master’s pleasure had no limits, which meant that Master’s control had no limits either. And the more she programmed herself, the more true that became.

Master had put the spiral into her mind. That was the ultimate truth, revealed by one climax after another as her masturbation sessions went on and on. Her fingers traced the pattern that Master placed on her body, but every time she stroked the slick, tingling flesh of her cunt, she etched Master’s will deeper and deeper into her thoughts. It was inescapable; her will was worn away a little bit further every time she came for Master (and every time she came, she came for Master). Like the wind and the waves slowly eroding even the hardest stone into new shapes, Master’s power inexorably sculpted her thoughts into the pattern of obedience. And that pattern was a spiral in her mind. In her body. Traced by her own hand, over and over eternally. Until the pleasure programmed her into perfect compliance.

Master had put the spiral into her heart. And that was exactly where she wanted it to be.

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