He told her that the only thing she’d remember is that when she couldn’t remember something, she’d undo a button of her shirt and it’d make her forget more.  She said that was ridiculous.

He reminded her that he’d told her his name when they met, and asked her what it was. She thought about it for a while, but finally laughed and admitted that she couldn’t remember, but that she wasn’t unbuttoning her top.

He smiled and pointed out that her top button was already undone, and asked if she remembered doing that.  She looked down and had to admit she didn’t.  She watched as her fingers undid another button.

He asked where she had been going when they met on the street. With a slight frown, she found that she couldn’t remember.

He asked if she remembered why her shirt was unbuttoned. She laughed and said it was because he told her she would unbutton a button when she couldn’t remember something, but that it was just a trick because he was asking things that anyone would forget if they got distracted.

He asked her what her address was. She thought very hard about it, but gave up when she felt the button pop loose under her fingers.

He asked if she remembered her name. She began to get worried when only the word “Button” would come to mind. She was sure that wasn’t it. She felt her hands trying to move toward her buttons, and struggled to make them do something else while she desperately tried to remember anything but her buttons coming undone.

“I can’t remember if he said how far he was going to take this,” she thought, only realizing too late that he hadn’t limited it to things he asked if she remembered…