Even deep in trance, Cecilia was amused at the differences between being one of her Master’s manor slaves versus being his apartment slave. Well, as much amusement as she could differentiate between her blissful obedience and her ever-present lust for her owner.

Back in the countryside, Cecilia barely had any duties other than to always be ready to drop deeper into entranced sleep or down on all fours to present her hypnotized pussy for His pleasure. Sure, there were a few chores sprinkled in here and there, like licking the girls in the conversion rooms to orgasm to help them surrender faster for their master or maybe even the dishes, but most of the time Cecilia just whiled away the day lazing about naked and wet while she waited for her Master’s attention. It was always such a bore, if she could still be bored, looking forward to her turn among the dozens of her slave sisters with their own slave slits hungering to surrender to their hypnotist’s prick.

Here in the city, it was a completely different story. Sometimes she had help whenever a slave sister visited, but ever since Cecilia had been assigned the honor of being the apartment slave, she had to do everything for her Master herself! Well, maybe that was a bit of an overstatement. All the meals were delivered and there was a maid and cleaning service that saw to the upkeep of the place while she was attending to her Master in one of the many city functions a busy influencer like him had to make an appearance at.

Still, it was tiring work to be a pretty, perfect piece of arm candy in the daytime! It never occurred to Cecilia that her fatigue might have had something to do with the marathon slave sex she had under trance. Even if she were aware of it her conditioning would only turn it around to being the best thing ever and forgetting about it being a drawback all over again.

Being a spectacle meant that she at least had to be presentable. While most women would kill to wear the designer dresses and shoes that Cecilia constantly threw away after one night of use, she still would have preferred to be naked and kneeling rather than pretending to be a disgustingly free willed woman. If she still had any preferences for things that went against her Master’s commands. Thankfully it was only an academic exercise and while the small, logical part of her mind still realized that she would have liked being a sleeping, nude cocksleeve for her Master, that same enthusiasm was vented into her job as an actress at this gala or that opening.

It was a good thing there weren’t any contradictions to her Master’s commands of always being ready for sex whether in the country or downtown. Of course she always had to be prepared to go out in a moment’s notice and be the charming and cultured woman that was her Master’s flavor of the month, clothes and all, but that was still on the outside. But while it took two moments to put on a full attire, it only took one to slide on a pair of slacks.

Cecilia smiled, patting herself on the back for being so clever. This way she was as ready as she could be to go out on the town while still having her hypnotized slave pussy just as available for her Master’s cock whenever he wanted. Yes, she was certainly very pleased with herself, being able to thread the differences between
being one of her Master’s manor slaves and his apartment slave

so expertly.

Amused, even.


(I’m actually a digital artist that specializes in erotic hypnosis
pieces and these little vignettes are just something that I can do
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