“Please,” she said. “Last night was amazing. It was like my mind just melted away and you fucked what was left. Please stay. Please don’t go!”

“I have to,” he said. “You knew I was only here one night. Please, let me pass.” He stepped past her and began climbing the stairs.

“Wait!” she cried plaintively. “What if… what if I come with you?”

“You could,” he admitted. “But I have no interest in a traveling buddy. If you come with me, it will be to serve as my slave, my toy.”

She took a deep breath. “After last night, that’s all I want. It was the most pleasure I ever experienced again–I can’t live without it! I want to be your slave, your toy. I want to be owned!”

He smiled. “Good girl. That’s exactly how I programmed you to feel.”

She reeled in shock. He’d done this on purpose? Made her crave his control, need his ownership, so that she would give herself over as his slave?

That just made it hotter.

Smiling, she stepped forward to join her Master.

for my Master @echoesofasongforgotten, because he commands it and i love to Obey