It was her first visit back to the gym after her husband had used the universal remote on her, and Emma was worried how everyone would react.

She had always been cute and fit — thanks to a regular gym routine and healthy eating. But now she looked like her husband’s wet dream: Hot ass and perky tits. Impossibly lithe body that oozed sex appeal. Long strawberry blonde hair and a face like, well, his celebrity crush.

Her job as an accountant had become a thing of the past. Now, with a few clicks, she was a professional Instagram model.

When she walked through the door, like she did almost every day, every eye was on her. Guys were brazenly checking her out. And Emma had to admit that it was the stares from a few girls that really got her excited. 

She tried to hide herself as she walked in, find some way to conceal her ass or tits, but her body just naturally walked with an attention-getting sway.

The only thing Emma could think was: Whew!

Everything was perfectly normal. Exactly as it should be.

So she rushed off to take some selfies in the changing room mirror before hitting the elliptical.