“Well?” he asked, looking at the hypnotist. “Is she done?”

The hypnotist nodded. “Yep. She’s ‘done’.” he sighed. “She’ll do pretty much anything you tell her now.”

“It’s true, Master!” she replied with a giggle. “I love doing whatever You tell me!”

“Wow, ‘Master’! I like it” he said. “Why don’t you start by working on my dick, slave?”

The hypnotist got up to leave before he waved him back down.

“Just wait. I wanna make sure she’s working properly.”

He sat back again and watched the scene, as the woman mindlessly sucked off her ex-boyfriend.

“And you’re sure she won’t snap out of it or anything?” he asked as she 

“No. She’s not in some kind of trance. She’s been conditioned to think and act like this. Today was just about me waking her new personality up and putting the old one to sleep.”

“Oh, cool! Well, we’re gonna have a lot of-oh shit that’s fucking good!…” he said, grunting. “Er… Yeah, you can go. Thanks for your hard work! Really appreciate it!”