Anise felt that she should be nervous, displaying her pussy for inspection like this, but she found that emotion was just another one of the many she no longer had after being neuralized. The other slavegirl, the recruiter or the hunter or one other such predatory name, had told her how the little flashlight had taken away her thoughts and how she was a slave for their Master now. There were some other little notes here and there from her speech, but Anise found the gist of it. Mostly she just felt calm.

It was strange to find out which of her faculties were still left to her while the woman stripped and touched and prodded her. Obviously fear, anger, resentment, all of those were gone and she could only think of them in an academic sense. Not that she could think for long either. It was so hard to hold on to anything apart from the desire to obey and meet her new Master’s expectations. She guessed it had something to do with the sensation of her thoughts dribbling out of her cunt, as strange as that may have seemed, but musing about the oddity of having her mind leak out of her pussy apparently was one of the banned topics in her mind and she had already forgotten about it before she even finished the notion.

No, all that Anise was left with was staining the bedcovers and the need of approval from her sister slave. She really hoped that she would be taken for Master. She couldn’t bear to think of what life would be like if she wasn’t a slave. And luckily, neither did her neuralizer’s programming.

So she didn’t and added another little drop on the damp spot underneath her.

(I’m actually a digital artist that specializes in erotic hypnosis
pieces and these little vignettes are just something that I can do
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