this never gets old

I met the creator of this a month ago and he said he got a lot of hate mail from dudebros who thought that he was a woman complaining about these problems.


Bolding mine.

Watch the real thing. Its perfectly creepy

> Men get abused then arrested for calling the cops on their boyfriends

> Men aren’t allowed in abuse shelters

> Anyone who tries making abuse shelters for men get harrassed to the point of suicide

> Men lose the majority of custody battles

> Men get accused of pedophilia if they carry away their crying child

> Women can call rape even if sex is consensual

> Men are often believed to be the rapists all the time

> Women never have to ask for consent from a man

> Women can rape men, get pregnant and then bring a child to term and demand child support

> Schools are more focused on getting women schooling than men

> Men have the by far higher suicide rates

> Men have the by far higher depression rates

> Men are ignored when any bigotry happens to them at best.

> Men have higher prison sentences

> And men have all the negative representation in media


You assholes wanna go ahead and tell a woman her depression doesn’t matter?

Or how about denying female abuse victims from shelters?

Or arrest woman victims when they call the cops?

any of the horrendous shit that men have to deal with but women don’t
and when a man even tries to fix this, he’s beaten down until he shoots


Then whose the fucking crybaby now?

who took your ice cream?

Newsflash: life sucks for everyone because we live in a fucking dystopian nightmare.

Doesn’t change that you have male privilege.