Katy Perry

God….this sounds amazing!

Katy fell to her knees, her mind rapidly melting from the blissful aural assault that had been fed through her earpiece.

Everyone needs to hear this….it’ll change their lives!

Acting as if on autopilot, Katy dragged the nearest amplifier towards her. Even as the stricken popstar’s body writhed and moaned, eager to be free of her clothes, she found herself knowing exactly which cables to plug in to the equipment.

The crowd gasped as Katy stripped, laid back on her haunches, and started openly stroking her molten pussy in front of them.

A second or two later, and everyone at the concert had been exposed to the same incredible sound. Twenty or so men and women in the mosh pit rushed the stage, and the orgy began, with Katy’s mindless, primal fucking of her biggest fans as the centrepiece…

A request from @midorikonton

Oh my yes.