“Hi Master. Welcome home.”

Whoa… uh… hi, Tammy. Who’s your friend there?

“Oh, this is Melissa, Master. Say hi to Master, Melissa.”


“Hiiii Masterrrr…”

Heeeyyyy Melissa… um, Tammy. Can you explain what Melissa here is doing?

“Sure, Master! Like, Melissa here, was, like, looking for me…”

Alright, I’m starting to see what the deal is with the cop car outside.

“Yeah-huh. Like, Melissa came knocking and she was all mad and had her hair in this really ugly bun and I was telling her after she was done with the special room that she should let it down since she had such nice, natural waves and…”

Please, Tammy.

“Oh, sorry Master. You know how I get. Slave-for-brains, lawl.”


“Hiiiii Masterrr…”

Uh-huh, hello Melissa. Tammy, get back to the point. And for the record, remind me to strike saying that out loud from your vocabulary in the future.

“Right, sooorry Master. Well, Melissa was talking about how everybody was, like, worried and stuff and how people thought I was kidnapped. Like, can you believe that people think slaves can be kidnapped by their Masters? It’s like, duh! That’s what I told Melissa”

I get it, Tammy. And I get the feeling that she didn’t like that one bit, did she?


“Hiiiii Masterrr…”

Sure, Hello Melissa. Tammy?

“Totally! She started freaking out and grabbing me cuz she thought I was on drugs or something. It’s like she’s never seen a slave answer the door in her underwear before! But then she, like started saying that she was going to get you locked up and that kinda made me mad.”

Uh oh…


“Hiiiii Masterrr…”

I know, Melissa. Hi Melissa. What did you do, Tammy?

“Nothing, Master! I just, like, knocked her out with one of those karate thingies I used to do when I thought I was going to go to the Limpics before you showed me I was a slave. I know you don’t like me using it, Master, but it did get me the slavebody you like so much. Then I figured that Melissa should learn to relax. You know, like you told me to when I was all mad all the time too!”

Yeah, this was what I was waiting for… just get to the end, Tammy.


“Hiii Masterrr…”

Oh my god… Tammy…

“Whoops, sorry Master! It’s kinda hard to think when I don’t have any thoughts. So, umm, I brought her into the special room. She kinda woke up while I was bringing her there so I had to hold her down. So, like, then I had to sit through the whole thing and relax with her and now she’s just like me!”

Just like you, yes, that’s~


“Hiii Masterrr…”

Ugh, Melissa, just cum and shut up already!

“Oh fuck! Yes! Thank you, Master! Ah… hngghhhh… thank you thank you thank you, Master.”

Okay, fine. She is just like you. Guess I have two slave bimbo bodyguards now.

“I know, Master! Now we’re twinsies! Isn’t that great?”

“Ohhhhh fuuuuucckkk, mmmm… cummmmmiiinnngg for Maaasstteeerrrr..”

Great. Just great. Now let’s fix this whole mess of a situation before I end up with triplets. Make sure that when she’s finished the both of you go back to the room and run the outside personality slave program and…

“Fuck fuck fuck… oh shit… must cummm… can’t stop cumming… Must cum for Masteeeeerrrrr!”

What a mess.

“Of course master. But, um, since Melissa and I are twinsies and you want us to go to the room at the same time anyway…”

Fine. Fucking fine. Tammy, orgasm for me, now.

“Oooohhhhh yeeeessss….. must orgasm for Master! Must obey… mussst cummmmm….”

“Cumming! Cumming for Masterrrrr… fuuuuuck… slaves cummmm… for Maaaassteerrr…”

Yeah, I hope you two enjoy. It’s not like I’m supposed to be the one calling the shots or anything in this house, right?

(I’m actually a digital artist that specializes in erotic hypnosis
pieces and these little vignettes are just something that I can do
quickly on the side in between bouts of art sessions. Visit or for my fan art and original pieces!)