it’s another great day here at bunjywunjy dot tumblr dot com, and we thought we’d take a moment to re-introduce you properly to a creature that you might have met before. 

meet the Sea Angel, a type of free-swimming sea slug that lives in oceans worldwide.


it’s also called a ‘Sea Butterfly’ because I guess ‘Tiny Ocean Flappy-Flappy’ was too lowbrow for their tastes

many posts have been dedicated to these little swimmers, usually focusing on how flipping cute these little guys are.


whee! take me home and love me forever!

and, in their defense, they are pretty adorable. in the same way that an axe murderer wearing a hello kitty hat is adorable.

see, most resources about these little guys conveniently forget to mention their diet. which is sea snails.

which they eat alive, after ripping them straight out of their own shells with the barbed tentacles that explode out of their heads without warning


pictured: nature is a heartless bitch and there is no god

we’d just like to take a moment to say: HOLY FUCKING SHIT, GUYS. LOOK. LOOK AT IT. FUCK.


whee! take me home and love me forever! so I can eat your skin


okay. now that we’ve had a moment to compose ourselves, we’d like to mention that we hope this doesn’t cast sea angels into a villainous light for you.


could you hate this face? yes? oh.

our goal here today was to a). correct misinformation and b). inform you that in fact, Sea Angels are boss as fuck, and we certainly hope we’ve succeeded.

that’s it for today’s BioTime Adventure, see you next time!

until then, remember to always check to make sure none of these are hiding under your bed.


he’s waiting for you


A wonderful thing about these is how Japan still considers them the cutest most whimsical thing in the sea and that’s how we got this:


Space Dandy:

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat:


and there’s a lot more then this 

I have seen that badass bat winged flatwoods monster one and I cannot believe the source is Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

They’re even in Kirby 64!

Hey @commandtower-solring-go they found eldrazis in our oceans

Thats it. Theyre so cute. No one would expect anything of them until the titan eventually awakes

Okay, but like, this doesn’t have an animation of the moment when they change?

Which is quite possibly the scariest thing in the entire ocean, which is saying something, let me tell you.