Oh, hello there, young lady. And what are you doing here in front of my house so early in the morning?

“Oh, um… well…“

Yes? Go on now, no need to be shy.

“Thanks. I guess I’m just nervous. Um, Gina sent me?”

Gina? Well, I can tell you that I already had a guess about why you’re here. Gina came to mind there. But please, tell me yourself. It wouldn’t do to assume, you know.

“Y-yeah. Well, uh, Gina… Gina helped me figure out some things last night. After the party?”

Right, yes. I do remember her mentioning something about that. One of the beach houses across town. And what exactly did Gina help you with?

“Wow, sorry. I guess I’m a little nervous about all this. Well, some of the girls and I were listening to her, and she was so right. We weren’t swimsuit models here on a shoot. We were all your slaves just playing pretend.”

Of course, of course, dear. It’s really rather obvious isn’t it?

“Yeah, we’re really sorry, Master. I guess we just forgot. B… but! Gina told us that it was normal. She said that we just haven’t been hypnotized for a while and our awake selves were up a little too long. We’re all better now that Gina reminded us when she put us all in our trance, Master!”

That’s why Gina is such a good head slave girl, darling. She always had a way of finding other girls who just forgot to remember they’re my slaves to begin with.

“Oh yes, Master. I can’t believe I didn’t even realize it was you that owned me just like you own the house until just now. I guess I’ve been awake for way too long.”

That’s an easy fix. We’ll have you back in bed, with your legs spread and as wide open as your mind soon enough. Besides, I see you remembered how to dress properly when you’re at the house. Your breasts are quite lovely in this light.

“I… I’m sorry, Master. I forgot about that too! Gina had to tell us last night about it making sure our breas… oh, tits, sorry… sorry! I almost forgot I can’t use that word! I hope you can forgive me, Master! Please don’t send me back to wake up! I… I need to obey and be hypnotized so badly, Master!”

Hmm, well, I can’t say that I’m not disappointed but…

“O… Oh…” *sniffle*

… it has been some time, after all. And what with you girls forgetting you were my slaves for so long…

“I’m so sorry, Master! I don’t know what came over me. It was like none of us were ever your slaves at all, but that… that’s so silly! How can we be anything but your slaves? Please, Master, take us back. We’re sorry that we forgot. Please, we… I’ll do anything. All the other girls… the other slaves… they’re still with Gina right now getting more reminders! I didn’t need any more at all! Please, Master… please… t… take me back?”

Alright, alright. You’ve won me over, girl. Stand up, you know it’s a waste if you’re kneeling and…

“… A… and if I don’t have a cock in my mouth or chanting my slave mantras! Oh, thank you, Master! Thank you thank you thank you!”

Yes, yes, I know. I hope you keep your memory from now on. Now matter how long your other self is awake and how much she forgets, you’ll always know that you’re my slave, is that clear?

“Yes, Master! Absolutely, Master! I… I… Oh, Master. You’re just the best. How can I ever make it up to you?”

Well, you can’t, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Now, come inside and help me set up the bedroom. We’ll need more pillows when Gina is finished with your slave sisters. And while we’re at it, you can show me how to kneel properly as a treat for being the first here.

“Ah! Thank you, Master. I don’t know what I did to deserve you…”

(I’m actually a digital artist that specializes in erotic hypnosis
pieces and these little vignettes are just something that I can do
quickly on the side in between bouts of art sessions. Visit or for my fan art and original pieces!)