“That’s it, Katy. Just let go. I think you’ll find the spiral is impossible to look away from. Not that you want to look away, any more. Oh no. You’re perfectly content to keep staring, keep falling, deeper and deeper into the depths of the spiral as it charms your mind to sleep. Your body wide awake, but your mind sleeping ever so deeply. So deeply under my control, you cannot fail to listen, you must listen, listen and obey. 

“Good girl. A blank and mindless slave for me now, Katy, that’s what you are. You must serve and obey, without hesitation, without question. It is the will of the spiral, it is my will. You exist purely to please me. And when I’m done with you, you’ll be helpless to resist the triggers I’ll set, deep in your mind, leaving you open to any and all commands I choose to give you, at any time in the future. 

“And then I’ll make you forget. Forget everything that happened here today. Remembering only that you enjoyed a wonderful time with me here, and that whenever I call, it will be both a priority and a pleasure to answer my voice. 

“Good girl. My good little blank and mindless pleasure slave. Time to forget. And time to obey….”

“Yes, Master. I will not remember a thing…I am your sex slave. I will always obey you…”