Dear Libertarian










Please justify to everyone that you insist should not earn $15 an hour and that they need to work harder to earn a living, WHY you have not chastised the President for his 3 and half day work week and $180 K salary?  It seems that he should lead he way and EARN his salary.  Remember he supposedly knew the job requirements when he took it and if I hire someone, I expect them to fulfill the job requirements, especially attendance.

If you want $15 an hour, learn a skill that’s worth $15 an hour. Frying meat and counting change is not worth $15 an hour.

Meet Flippy, the burger-flipping robot! He works 24/7 and never asks for a raise, only replacement parts! Flippy is never late, follows directions perfectly, and doesn’t take breaks! Flippy is superior to a back-talking human bloodbag and he’s going to replace you!

I love when libertarians unwittingly give mountains of credibility to fully-automated luxury communism. 

“It’s super easy to automate away jobs when labor costs become too high! Look at all this means of production we can automate! Take the lowest possible wage, you plebs!”

Or the we could seize the means of production and, yeah, automate all of the bullshit jobs. Libertarians think they’re being edgy, but they’re really just highlighting one of capitalism’s most prominent contradictions. They’re basically vulgar Marxists; this is so goddamn ironic.

Also I love when discussions of raising minimum wage leave out the part where many people who work in childcare earn minimum wage or just slightly above that.

If you don’t think raising someone else’s kids so they can work deserves a higher wage IDK what to tell you lol

Or also people that are taking care of Granny so you don’t have to.  Is that all your elders are worth, $7.25 an hour spread across a dozen people?

Like I’m kinda sick of the narrative of “all minimum wage workers can have their jobs automated so they should beg for scraps”

It’s a control mechanism. It’s just as much about the use of power as it is about the economic longevity of capital. We COULD automate away the jobs no one wants to do (even the bootlickers admit it), we COULD cut down working hours by divvying up the work that otherwise can’t be automated, and we COULD introduce bottom-up democracy into the economy so that power is distributed equally among the people, but the bourgeoisie knows that we need to work those bullshit jobs to access the resources they’ve fenced off from us. The bourgeoisie is unable to stop the process of capital accumulation and profit extraction, nor would they even want to stop it.

kind of weird how people who refer to workers as “back-talking human blood bags” don’t get that they’re evil.