Emmy Rossum

*mwah!* *mwah!* *mwah!*

Emmy couldn’t help herself. Puckering her lips and blowing air kisses as she looked around the radio studio, desperately searching for….something.

hold it stroke it lick it kiss it

*mwah!* *mwah!* *mwah!*

The song was…weird, to say the least, but it sure was catchy, Emmy thought to herself. She could have sworn the DJ had been playing it on repeat, ever since she’d finished the interview, promoting her upcoming f-ohmygosh! There he is!

need it want it crave it praise it

*mwah!* *mwah!* *mwah!*

As soon as she set eyes on the man standing imperiously behind the glass, Emmy knew it was him. The one who’d cued up the song, especially for her. His own special remix, just for her.

suck it serve it worship it obey it

*mwah!* *mwah!* *mwah!*

Him. Or, more accurately, what was, frustratingly for Emmy, locked up inside his trousers. Locking eyes with him, Emmy made sure he saw her lips as they puckered, her tongue as it swirled round, her mouth as it formed the perfect shape for a blowjob.

*mwah!* *mwah!* *mwah!*

The song was fantastic, he smiled. It had taken, what, two, three spins, maximum, and Emmy was well on her way to becoming the horny, lust-addled, cock-addicted whore he’d desired. Pretty soon, she’d be pawing the headphones off, sinking off the chair, and crawling on her hands and knees into the production booth, desperate to wrap her lips around the object of her supreme affection. Glancing at the pretty DJ, he knew this test run would secure not just one, but two fucktoys, and the promise of nationwide airplay to come..

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