Magical Girl Syn, Chapter 1, Part 2

Cynthia met Ruth outside the huge iron
gate that separated St Anne’s from the city. The two of them had spent their
entire childhoods living behind those gates, living in the orphanage and going
to the school under the baleful eye of the nuns. It hadn’t been a bad
childhood, but like any child they were impatient for it to end. 

They ducked into the restroom of the
convenience store down the street from the nunnery to apply forbidden makeup,
giggling all the while. When they were done, Cynthia examined them both in the

Ruth was, of course, gorgeous. Ruth
was always gorgeous. Dark, flawless skin, a fountain of straight black hair
that cascaded to her waist, big dark doe eyes. By comparison, Cynthia felt
pale, plain, and flabby, blotches of still-healing red sunburn on her
paper-white nose and cheeks, her blonde hair more frizzled straw pigtails than
fountain of gold. 

She popped the top button on her
blouse to show a bit of collarbone. She knew by most teenagers’ standards that
was nothing, but after almost two decades in a nunnery it felt bold, daring, a
little naughty. Well, I’m a grownup now, aren’t I? she thought, and
undid the bottom three buttons to expose her midriff. Tying off the blouse just
below her navel, she eyed herself critically in the mirror. 

“Hot,” laughed Ruth. 

Cynthia poked herself in the belly
twisting this way and that. “I’ve got a muffintop,” she said. 

“Do not,” replied

“Do too! See?”

Ruth waved a hand dismissively.
“That’s not a muffintop, you just have internal organs, unlike

Cynthia laughed as the two emerged
into the hot summer afternoon. “I’m pretty sure models have organs,

“They photoshop them out,”
Ruth said vaguely. “So, where we going first?”

“How can you photoshop out internal
organs, they’re inside you! And Miss Kitty’s,” Cynthia said decisively.

Ruth groaned. “I thought today
was about celebrating being adults!”

“It is! But I’m not passing up
birthday stickers!”

“Those are suppose to be for,
like, five-year-olds, Cynthia.”

“Free. Stickers. Free

Ruth sighed. “Fine, you get
your free stickers. But I’m not going to a toy store! I’m going to that
boutique on 12th. See you there when you’re done?”

“Sure,” said Cynthia,
trying to hide a sly grin. Ruth obviously just wanted to split up so she could
buy Cynthia’s birthday present, so Cynthia wasn’t about to object. 

Cynthia practically skipped her way to the
little toy shop a few blocks down from St. Anne’s, Miss Kitty’s Curios and
Amusements. She pushed open the green-painted door next to the big display
window and found herself once again in fairyland. 

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