Can’t be. Nuclear power is actually incredibly safe and used throughout America, just has a bad reputation.

If this was coal it’d be different though.

Nuclear is safe, efficient, and worth investing in long term but it has a bad rap. Still not sure why.

Because wjhen there’s a fuck up, it’s a really bad fuck up. 

Or how what it results in is toxic with a half-life of thousands of years

i mean yes but if nasa had a decent budget we could just chuck it into the sun

If the world went full nuclear, at current consumption levels, it’d be less than a century before we used up all the safely fissionable material in all known mines.
It’s a stopgap at best, not a solution.

Now fusion, fusion would last a lot longer–but why bother when the biggest fusion reactor in the Solar System is hanging right over our heads, just dumping power on us in a constant stream?