Last thought of the evening.

Why do TERFs exist? Like, policing who is and isn’t woman enough is something I thought feminism was working past…

TERFs are trash and need to be jettisoned from the earth’s orbit.

^^^^ What they said.

TERFs are just bigots, plain and simple. Unfortunately opposing oppression on one axis doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not a bigot, especially when it happens to be the one axis you yourself are oppressed on.

They thus play directly into the hands of kyriarchy–the whole point is that nobody is oppressed on every axis, but the axes reinforce each other so it‘s impossible to end oppression on any axis without fighting it on every axis. But since everyone is privileged on at least one, everyone has incentive to protect at least one… which is why intersectionality and learning to recognize your privilege are so important.

TERFs fail at it, hard, because it’s easier to hate trans people than to actually advance the cause of feminism.