Solidarity hugs. I truly hope time and a good support network have helped heal and get you to move on, even if the wounds run deep. We’re both important and worthy of love and one (or two) people who were entrusted to our care will never change that fact. They failed us, not the other way around. I’m sure you know that already, but was touching to receive validation of my experience and wanted to thank you in what way I could. Also Lina Inverse is perfection!

<3<3Thank you!

I’m working on it. I’m in a really good therapy group right now that’s pretty much all about getting past the ways our parents failed us, it’s helped. (They’ve also been hugely supportive of me coming out as trans, which is awesome–it’s the only rl place I can just openly Be.)

Lina Inverse is a goddess and the platonic, perfect ideal of womanhood. I am totally not just saying that because she would blow me up if I didn’t. 😉