A Message with Volume


If performing erotic hypnosis with other humans, you must ALWAYS obtain the consent of all other parties involved.

If you are posting about hot sex fantasies of non-consensual erotic hypnosis, you really SHOULD be clear that they are fantasies and not real life.

Having fantasies about things that are unethical to do in real life is not a problem. Telling people that you are doing those fantasies in real life IS a problem.

It is never okay to attempt to hypnotize a person and perform erotic acts with them without their consent. That includes hypnotizing them with their consent, and then taking pictures of them naked or performing sexual acts and posting those pictures to the Internet without their consent.

If you see that kind of thing on Tumblr, know that it is the worst kind of behavior, and the kind of shit that people care about and talk about.

And if you see someone claiming to hypnotize people without their knowledge, and claiming to do sexual things without their consent? There’s a real good chance that they’re just taking their fantasies and claiming they’re real life to make themselves sound cool on the Internet. Which is just sad.

That said, it’s still not okay and ethically-minded people should still be quick to point out that someone who claims they do unethical things is making a horrible example for others.

I would consider it a personal favor if ethically-minded hypnosis people of Tumblr reblog this post and spread it, because good community ethics is everybody’s responsibility, and everybody can help educate.