Imagine thinking that having a never healing wound that has to be dilated daily to keep from closing up and that literally grows hair inside itself via scrotum skin and that can’t clean or lubricate and that must be douched biweekly to flush out fecal matter and other bacteria should ever be attractive to a lesbian (read: homosexual) woman


this is kind of a misrepresentation of SRS.

anyone who undergoes SRS must have first cleared all hair from the related region – scrotal to butt – via electrolysis precisely so that hair does not and cannot grow inside. It’s extremely effective and the process usually takes around 4 to 6 months.

The wound – medically and biologically, yes, the neo-vagina is technically a wound – is dilated to prevent it from closing up. This is done because, when the body perceived itself injured, it attempts to close it up naturally and clog it. Thus the process has to be countermanded to achieve the desired effect. This isn’t unusual, as many surgeries often deal with the body reacting in a predictable but undesirable fashion. Examples include organ rejection and matches or dealing with autoimmune disorders and rebreaking a bone so it can heal correctly.

It does, however, heal. The skin clears, there is minimal to no scarring, and the nerve tissue functions in identical or nearly-identical ways. It just doesn’t try to close up because of dilation inhibiting the process. Specific kinds of procedures even allow for more natural lubrication, though more is always helpful and never a bad idea for sexual activity. 

There is never any fecal material inside a neo-vagina unless the surgery is botched in some capacity, as, for example, a hole opening between the neo-vagina and intestinal track. That simply does not occur in standard procedures. Bacteria is also present in cis vaginas, but since neo-vaginas are not biologically developed at birth they need to be maintained manually. This is pretty analogous to taking an SSRI because your brain doesn’t produce enough serotonin on its own.

In the end, what this reads like is a dihydrogen monoxide warning post. While in some cases correct, the facts are presented in a deliberately distorted and manipulative way to evoke certain emotions rather than with any degree of impartiality. That’s really disappointing. 

You aren’t, of course, obliged to have sexual activity with anyone and can say no for any reason. That doesn’t, however, let you speak for anyone else on what they consider attractive.

I think I’ll close by showcasing a before/after example of what neo-vaginas look like, as done by the incredibly skilled and talented Doctor Alexander Sinclair.