Reagan was pissed. She just couldn’t believe it.

Six weeks. Six weeks! That’s how long she spent getting ready for prom. From her hair to her dress to princess tiara — Reagan spent six months working to make sure that everyone would be perfect.

And now, apparently, the school had texted fiancé as their were riding in the limo — practically almost there — to announce that the theme had changed from “Happily Ever After” to “Fetish Ball.”

Reagan tried to keep her cool. Luckily, her fiance had a perfect costume already picked out for her — slutty schoolgirl cheerleader — and she could just change in the limo.

The only sense of relief that Reagan had in the middle of her prom crisis was the knowledge that her man had a universal remote on hand — thank goodness!

He already promised to use it to guarantee her Prom Queen. And Reagan knew — at least with a little sugar — that she could convince him to use to it give her the best prom ever.

At least until he turned her back into a law student.