My grandparents left their home country as children when they heard the whispering of antisemitism starting in their home town. They got out and fled to America so I and future generations could be safe from persecution and mass murder. Only 2 generations ago.

And now America is becoming that country that they probably would have fled.

If you are not resisting, you are part of the problem.

And yes, I want non-Jews to reblog

Except I’m sorry but it’s not is it? A couple thousand white dudes babbling about jew conspiracies is not equal to Hitler and the holocaust no matter what. A couple thousand vs a few million? Your country isn’t fucking dumb. They FOUGHT to SAVE your kind and lost tens of thousands of men in the process. How about, fucking stop making it sound like the majority is Nazi and actually do some research. Jesus fucking christ.

Funny, since the Russians freed more prison camps than the US, including Auschwitz. The US didn’t care about the camps, they cared about fighting the ally of their declared enemy, Japan. And the US almost sided with the Nazis and had a large Nazi party in our boarders all the way up until (and even a little after) we entered the war.

Also do you know how large the Nazi party was at it’s peak? Just 7% of the German population. Smaller numbers don’t mean shit when they have people that aid and abet them by saying shit like “oh don’t worry they are too few to do harm.”

“My kind” have centuries of actual oppression running through our history, we can sense when something has changed and when it’s coming (back, again), it’s in our blood. Our grandparents and great-grandparents always told us to always have a bag packed, because they were afraid this would happen. “My kind” always know they will come for us again.

Hell, this isn’t some “oversensitive Tumblrina sjw” thing, here’s an actual Auschwitz survivor: “I see men, hatred on their faces, with torches in parades and screaming, just like the Nazis did to us years ago. I see torture and violence and swastikas and I was brought back to the worst moments of my life. I couldn’t believe they were speaking English, that this was in Charlottesville. I thought this nightmare was in the past, way in the past.

Offense but why does literally every dude that says stuff like “oh they’re not actually Real Nazis” “oh so you call everyone you disagree w/ a Nazi” like why are you all so hilariously uneducated and unable to see things as they are? Literally none of them have ever known what they’re even fucking talking about lmao

Most comments that call Trump Hitler are referring to 1933 Hitler, when he first ran for office and later seized power, who drew an enormous euphoric fan following based on hating a particular religious group and a political slogan that roughly translates to Make Germany Great Again. His solution to Jewish people started with encouraging them to emigrate, identification tags, then moving them to the Jewish Ghettos “to be monitored” and eventually to more secure concentration camps. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE was mentioned by Trump or his closest allies as a solution for the “problem” of Muslims in America during his campaign. It took Hitler until January 1940 to authorize the Final Solution, which started the death camps as an official government policy. How much do you think Trump could do to Muslims in about 7 years if given the chance, all before any organized killings begin.

Similarly, the Nazi Party in the early 1930’s was just thought of as a joke, a few angry people due to the bad economy (to the level which would make the Great Recession we just experienced look like a cloudy day) and the need to place the blame for that on a particular group of people. The Nazis gradually grew their support base until they had about 30% support while those in the middle were divided, actually giving them 50% support and allowing them to do whatever they wanted. Germany rapidly went from probably the most liberal place in the world in the 1920’s to becoming the most hateful and murderous place a decade later.


When non-Jewish people try to speak over Jewish people I throw up in my mouth a little and hope they get mono

Amplifying Jewish voices. 

You can’t look at the anti-Semites and racists marching in the streets, their good buddy in the White House, while ICE rounds up “racial undesirables” and sticks them in prisons or expels them from the country, and tell me that we Jews are worked up over nothing.

It. Can. Happen. Here.

It. Is. Happening. Again.