Magical Girl Syn, Chapter 1, Part 5

Cynthia screamed and struggled in
the creature’s iron grip. She kicked futilely in the air, beat ineffectively at
it with her fists, and screamed until her throat was raw, but it still slowly
lifted her up and back. 

Somewhere below and to her left
there was a flare of light, and then a voice spoke. It was a woman’s voice, a
warm, rich contralto with just a bit of Irish lilt woven through it. “Put
her down, Beast,” she said firmly. “It’s me you’re here for.”

The world spun as the creature
tossed Cynthia aside. She braced herself to hit the ground or a shelf, but
fortunately crashed into a display of stuffed animals. 

She stared at the woman staring
defiantly at the monster. She was standing just where Grankitty had been, but
the old woman in her shawl was gone. In her place was a radiant–literally, the
light earlier had apparently been her–beauty around Cynthia’s age, her perfect
body clad only in a black, lacy corset-and-panties set, matching garter belt
and sheer stockings, long, fingerless black lace gloves, and shiny black high-heeled
ankle boots. 

As the monster charged her, she
laughed and tossed her tumbling mass of curly auburn hair defiantly. Just as
the creature reached to grab her, she jumped and flipped, doing a handstand on
its knobbly hand before throwing herself higher, catching it on the chin with
both boots, then somersaulting backwards in the air before dropping lightly
onto her feet. 

Cynthia stared in shock. Who WAS
this woman? With her perfect beauty and superhuman athletics, she could very
well be an angel… But her body and outfit suggested her origins lay in the
opposite direction. At the same time, there was something familiar about her…

And then it clicked. That impossibly
beautiful, perfect face! Make the nose a little crooked, the eyes a little
smaller, add a mole and wrinkle the whole thing up like a grape turning into a
raisin, and you had… “Grankitty?” Cynthia whispered in disbelief,
still sprawled in a pile of stuffed bunnies and puppies. 

The other woman ignored her, leaping
again at the creature. Her hands flared with light, and it staggered back,

“Yeah!” Cynthia found
herself cheering. “Get that thing!”

But it was rallying. As she sprang
back, it swiped at her, sending her crashing into the wall. She was back on her
feet almost immediately, but not quite fast enough: the thing caught her,
pinning her arms to her sides. She struggled, but it was clearly stronger than

The creature held her in its palm
like a doll, using thumb and fingers to hold her arms. With one swipe of its
other claw, it tore open her corset and panties, exposing full, firm breasts
and a neat triangle of red hair. The fur at the creature’s own crotch stirred,
and a cock emerged, tiny-looking compared to the creature’s massive bulk, but
more than a foot long in reality.

Cynthia screamed again. She’d never
seen a penis before–a real, erect one, not an illustration in a biology book
or photo in a magazine passed around the girls’ dorm accompanied by muted
giggles–but she was sure they weren’t supposed to be that long or thick. How
could that go inside a person!?

But the creature shoved the redhead
onto its cock, and her cry didn’t exactly sound like pain. Grabbing her thighs
in its massive hands, it began pumping her up and down its length, and her
struggles soon ceased. In fact, she sounded to Cynthia almost like she was…
enjoying it?

She cried out, and flared with
light. The creature grunted, shuddered, and then… dissolved away into

Grankitty hit the ground with a sickening crack.

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